New Photos: Onehunga Line


With the Onehunga site cleared, I wondered how the other stops on the forthcoming line were coming along - so took out the camera.

The Onehunga corner site this morning

At Penrose and Te Papapa, the platform bases at Te Papapa and Penrose platforms are complete. The manufacture of platforms steelwork is in progress.

The only fittings at both are a rubbish bin! Installation of the rest of the platform furniture starts soon and will be finished “mid 2010.” Fibre optic network infrastructure installation is in progress.
Penrose’s two lines look like this.

This is how far the new platform is from the existing station so changing lines will require a hike across the overhead pedestrian walkway bridge.

The train is at the existing Penrose station (viewed from new platform)

This is how the new Penrose Onehunga platform looks this morning.

And here’s Te Papapa:




  1. DanC says:

    Great, I think things should start to take shape quickly.

  2. rtc says:

    It’ll only be a hike between platforms for those coming from the South and wanting to head to Onehunga, for everyone else and those coming from downtown there’ll be a direct connection. Regardless, is a 20m walk really too much to ask from people these days? Are we really so lazy! ;-)

  3. Jon C says:

    @rtc One would hope not - but as someone who walks many kilometres a day, I’m amazed how people complain when they have to work around the corner to the dairy!


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