Queens Sheds Staying Now?


The ARC and New Zealand Historic Places Trust now say they’re are working together to “ensure Queens Wharf’s historical significance is protected and promoted” in its development.

Earlier ARC Chair Mike Lee said the sheds should go but this triggered a strong debate among Aucklanders and Auckland’s invested interests about whether the “ugly old 98 year old” sheds should be demolished or kept at least in part as the site is revamped for the RWC 2011 Party Central.

This afternoon Mr Lee said: “Most of the debate has been on the sheds but we are also focusing on the wharf’s other historic features including the bollards, rail tracks, fendering and of course, the red fence.

“I am sure we can find innovative ways to respect the wharf’s history and the heritage elements of the sheds and wharf. I am also sure we can do this while meeting today’s requirement for the Rugby World Cup and longer term – the cruise ship industry, which is of economic importance to New Zealand. There are many options for meeting our objectives.”

The comments came after Mr Lee, ARC Chief Executive Peter Winder and General Manager Transport and Urban Development John Smith met for nearly two hours with Historic Places Trust Northern Regional General Manager Sherry Reynolds and National Heritage Policy Manager Nicola Jackson to discuss Queens Wharf, and the future of the sheds.

Queens Wharf sheds: Are they staying or going?

“Queens Wharf has played an important role in Auckland’s development. As the wharf enters another era, the ARC will work with Historic Places Trust to ensure people can readily appreciate its role in Auckland’s past,” said Mr Lee.

“I look forward to working with the Historic Places Trust and employing the best expertise available to ensure Queens Wharf is developed into a public amenity of which Auckland can be proud.”





  1. anthony says:

    Just how much space are the sheds taking up though?

  2. rtc says:

    Hardly any space at all

  3. Joshua says:

    Alot of the visual aspects of the surrounding environment are taken up by these sheds, and having both sheds does take up a fair bit of space, however taking away the far shed would be free up alot. Another words keeping one of the sheds, the southern shed, would be ok, however the shed should be customised to be semi transparent, eg, glass exterior to allow light to seep through. Alot of customisation need to be done to it to the point I would say get rid of them.

  4. curtissd says:

    Keep them, don’t keep them, keep, don’t…. how long will this go on? Meet half way and keep the southern one?


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