Poll:1.4% Between Banks & Brown


Auckland Mayor John Banks has only a slight lead of 1.4%, over Manukau’s Len Brown, in the latest poll on the SuperCity Mayoralty.

That small lead was when voters were asked who they preferred in a head to head contest with the Mayor for Manukau.

Banks says it’s going to be a tough race and is “going to go down to the wire.” The news  for Banks is better if all potential opponents are canvassed.

Results from a Curia Research poll conducted over five nights last week show Mayor Banks with a 5.1% lead over his opponents, when voters were asked which Aucklander they would most like to be Mayor.

He says he’s happy to be ahead but he’s not taking this support for granted.

“It is going to be a tough race but I think our message of aspiration and optimism is starting to get through.

“No one has any privileged position; it is about a contest of ideas and the candidate with the best credentials to make the Super City work and at this stage much more work needs to be done.

“I will continue to be a cheerleader for all communities across a Greater Auckland.”




  1. Len Brown..

    Len Brown

    Len Brown
    Seems a really cool dude.

    He seems to connect with people also.

    I vote Len Brown.

  2. Jeremy Harris says:

    It’s like trying to predict who will win the RWC this far out, the campaign will determine who loses, by who offends the most people, my money is on Banks doing that…

  3. Andu says:

    Man, wish Mike Lee could be SuperMayor.

    I like Len Brown way more than Banksy. But Manukau is just kind of horrendous.
    For PT I mean. I include the eastern part of Manukau too.
    I read his guest post recently, and he certainly can’t point toward much in the way of PT initiatives and say ”I made that happen”
    I keep picturing the massive motorway interchange by Manukau city centre that was under construction when i left Auckland…..

  4. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your interest in our poll.

    The more important question, the one that best reflects real voting intentions is where Banks is ahead by 5.1% - the all important “unprompted” question.

    It’s a more accurate reflection of what the voting papers will be like. People don’t open their ballot papers and only see two names - there will be a variety of names to choose from, even if they are ‘fringe candidates’.

    Aaron Bhatnagar
    Campaign Strategist for John Banks

  5. ingolfson says:

    Admittedly, Len has little sway with NZTA and government, as does any local mayor. We should know that by now, motorways are planned through cities with little care to what the locals want. The SH20-SH1 connection is not his fault, or problem.

    The fact that none of his light rail plans for example have gone anywhere is. Or that Papakura/Howick are still gridlocked car places, with nothing (as far as I am aware) having changed there in the last decade. No busways, no bus lanes (that I know of), no new ferry terminals…

    You could argue the same thing applies to Banks, seeing that he hasn’t exactly done more for PT in his two combined term than cheerleading the CBD Tunnel, and not cancelling some other projects not started by him (Britomart and Central Connector). Anyone know of any other important PT things he has done? Some bus lanes turned into T2 lanes? Mmmh.

    I am really unsure who I’m going to vote for, and that says a lot, because it should be an easy choice for me.

  6. Um Len is cool.

    Please before you post again. Take a nice brisk walk and enjoy the lovely smell of Autumn.

    Now: Let’s talk Len Brown.

  7. ingolfson says:

    Anthony, what you are doing is not discussing, you are propagandising. Or trolling. And neither very well.

  8. ingolfson,

    What’s your point.

    Len Brown for Mayor!

  9. Jeremy Harris says:

    Ingolfson, do I dare say it..?

    Do not feed the troll…

  10. Joshua says:

    I have to admit, when I met Len personally, that’s when I decided I’m voting Banksy,

    He will not have the balls to go into battle with NZTA or the government, where banksy has already shown he is strong enough to tell the government to stick it. Manukau Transport is appalling, yet has so much potential. Quite frankly, it’s crap.

    Ingolfson - Can you tell me which lanes he has turned into T2, On-ramps are a part of NZTA and they are the one’s turning these lanes into T2′s, as far as I know all Auckland Cities Bus Lanes are that Bus lanes, I can’t think of any council transit lanes. Please tell.

    One of the biggest things that have happened under banks campaign transport wise has been pretty simple, but popping up at major intersections, I’m talking cycle lanes/areas, so cycle safety has been addressed, also what comes to mind is Footpaths, although started before this term, he has sorted out the mess of double payments, a skeleton from Hubbard, and has instigated new footpath development. To me this is a positive.

    But most impressively he is developing shared space in the city, yes that’s right, taking away car space and giving it to anyone who wants it, and that’s been all Banksy, I’d say that’s a pretty major public transport improvement.

  11. ingolfson says:

    “Can you tell me which lanes he has turned into T2″

    Tamaki Drive. Since some months back.

    “I’m talking cycle lanes/areas, so cycle safety has been addressed,”

    Very slowly. Wherever there’s real difficulties to do something because of restricted widths, or complexity, they have not put in the money, and nothing happens unless a major re-do is in the cards for roading purposes. I follow cycling in Auckland quite closely, and ACC’s record is very mixed. Not all bad, true, but very mixed.

    ” and has instigated new footpath development. To me this is a positive.”

    Um, I still remember them when they recently CUT footpath renewals, mate. How does that dovetail with their nice spin?


    “But most impressively he is developing shared space in the city”

    I agree, that was unexpected and very much a positive. As I say, the current Banks / ACC record has not been all bad at all. But I am not one of their cheerleaders either. Their record is too mixed for that.

  12. Jon C says:

    @Aaron Thanks.
    What is the % of don’t knows?

  13. Luke says:

    Should be noted this is a curia poll, that meets David Farrar, national party pollsters. This also means the poll was comissioned by Banks himself. Could be interpreted a cynical attempt to suggest Banks is ahead, when the reality he is not.
    Its easy to rig a poll to get an answer you like by asking leading questions, polling times, locations etc.

  14. Jon C says:

    @Luke, Curia is actually hugely respected. National wouldn’t want to risk not reading the nation’s temperature correctly and use Curia for that reason, even though there’s an old boys network thing as David used to work in the then PM’s office.


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