Photos: Inside Eden Park


Here’s an updated look at how Eden Park’s big South Stand for the RWC 2011 is coming on and and construction inside the park.

Eden Park's new South Stand for the RWC 2011




  1. Simon says:

    Uhh, still makes me sick looking at it and thinking still not close enough to the field for rugby spectators and not big enough for cricket. Another half-arsed job in Auckland wasting money. The least they could have done with all the money this is costing would`ve have been to make Eden Park a true football field and build a new venue for cricket somewhere else in Auckland. But of course the vested interests of the Eden Park Board would not have that so we continue with a stadium that is not the best for either sport.

  2. Ian M says:

    Wouldn’t common sence have meant that the stadium became a proper cricket ground (ie remove all but the asb stand) and make the rest embankment. Then we could have had a stadium at tank farm for rugby/soccer which is also capable of hosting athletics (so we could also bid for the Commonwealth games and world athletics?)…o well just another stuff up

  3. Rob says:

    Just another typical kiwi cock-up, so after all the previous great stadiums used to host the world cup final we build this dump, as Simon said it’s a half arsed job, too small for cricket and too large for rugby, it almost makes me cry when I imagine what we could have had down on the waterfront. Sometimes it’s very difficult to not be embarassed being a kiwi.


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