Govt Rejects Trucking Enquiry


The Government this afternoon turned down the calls for an enquiry into trucking safety.

National used its votes to stop plans for an inquiry into the link between truck safety and low rates of pay, pushed by Labour MP Darien Fenton.

Labour says it will proceed with action of its own.

Labour’s Transport Safety spokesperson Darien Fenton caled for the inquiry on Sunday after a Sunday Star-Times report highlighted pressures that owner-drivers face, with low pay leading to long hours, speeding and fatigue.

Numerous unions joined in the call including the rail union secretary saying its members also hear horror stories about long working hours leading to compromised safety conditions on the road.

Ms Fenton says the issue isn’t going  to go away and she is not deterred by the government’s refusal to address the issue.

“I intend to launch a parliamentary petition and lodge a members’ bill to promote greater fairness in contract negotiations so that truck drivers can earn a fair and decent living.

“I’m encouraging truck drivers to come forward to tell their stories – good and bad. It’s very clear from the evidence of the drivers who have come forward that there is a significant safety problem in the industry,” Ms Fenton said.

“The method of contracting for owner drivers and the resulting low rates of pay mean that many truck drivers are driving too fast, working hours way beyond safety levels and cutting back on maintenance to earn a living.”

With at least one truck related death a week and a social cost to the economy of $400.2 million in truck related fatal, injury and non-injury crashes last year, I’m surprised that the government is prepared to look the other way.”




  1. Jon R says:

    So, National Party protecting the trucking industry? No, really?

  2. Cierat says:

    Yet more evidence of the power and influence of the truck cartel owners. Its quite clear that trucks are not only heavily subsidised by road users, but they are also a leading cause of accidents and deaths on the road. We should be asking why!


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