Official: Safer To Cycle


ARC transport committee Chair Christine Rose says she feels safer on a bike in Auckland than in a car.

The committee was giving last - minute consideration this afternoon to what targets it should set for safety of various transport modes. That would be included in its 30-year strategy.

The draft report before the committee had suggested that the targets for “improvements to the perception of the safety of each mode by 2020″ should be:

  • Car - to more than 90% by 2040 (86% in 2008)
  • Cycling - to more than 50% by 2040 (26% in 2008)
  • Motorcycling - to more than 50% in 2040 (31% in 2008)
  • Public transport - to more than 80% by 2040 (68% in 2008)
  • Walking - to more than 80% by 2040 (57% in 2008)

Councillor Kathleen Ryan urged the committee for a higher target of 80% saying we are starting to see in Auckland “the start of a seachange” in terms of cycling.

“I’m surprised by the number of women who have told me in the last few months they’re buying expensive bikes.”

She said such people were trying to “normalise cycling” and with the likely growth in cycling on Auckland streets, more people would be requiring the road to be safer for them.

She said she had cycled in parts of Europe such as the Netherlands and felt safe and in those cities, cycling safety was focused on people from 8 years to 80.

Auckland cyclists feeling safer?

Ms Rose said the committee should be “aspirational about cycling” and she agreed the safety figure should vindicate the improvements being made, such as cycle lanes and cycleways.

The figure was accordingly adjusted to read an 80% target for cycling.




  1. Richard says:

    The cyclist in the photograph appears to have an iPod in his ear.

    This is a dangerous practice interfering with your hearing, an important sense riding in traffic confirmed by the fatal accident yesterday in Tauranga when a cyclist was run over by a train!.

    Personally I wouldn’t use an iPod even when walking along the footpath, it makes it harder to hear lunatics who belt out of drives without stopping for peds etc..

  2. ingolfson says:

    The cyclist in the photo is also clearly a road warrior. It would be nice to have a photo of a friendly granny on her bike instead. But admittedly, those are still relatively rare in Auckland.

  3. Su Yin Khoo says:

    Councillor Kathleen Ryan is right about more women on bikes! Normally I would see nada but I’ve counted five in the last three days. All wearing normal-ish clothes too.

    The iPod issue is kinda blown out of proportion. It’s common sense not to but a small minority of people still do it—like every other common sense things: drink-driving, kids not wearing seatbelts, not saving your Word documents …

    BTW, nice theme selection Jon! Nice subtle changes.


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