Train Driver Didn’t See Derailment


A couple of disturbing stories:

The railway track between Clinton and Balclutha was badly damaged on Friday night when two coal wagons at the end of a northbound freight train derailed just out of Clinton - but the driver didn’t realise for 3ks! One-third of the concrete and wooden sleepers were damaged. (Otago Daily Times)

A mother’s seven-year-old daughter was trapped alone on a train as it pulled out of Pukerua Bay. She was helping her two younger children from the Tranz Metro train when she turned to reach out for her eldest the doors had  shut on her hand. The train left as passengers rushed to alert the driver. (Dom Post)

Hat tips: Jeff, Joust




  1. Geoff says:

    I thought it was 16.5km, not 3km? Unless the air is lost or a large number of wagons derailed, the LE will not easily know, especially at night. He probably couldn’t see or feel it.

  2. Jeremy Harris says:

    Sheesh the amount of derailments in NZ is a disgrace…

  3. Richard says:

    Perhaps they need to bring back guards vans on goods trains. The cost would be far less than the track damage if a guard picked up the derailment quicker and applied the emergency brake?

    The Stratford line would still be open as well so perhaps the lack of crew at the rear is a false economy. As an alternative surely there is some electronic sensor device that can pick up derailments such as an acoustic device tuned to pick up wheel on ballast type noises. If somebody reading this invents one I would like a cut of the royalties please!!!


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