Transport Minister Steven Joyce Opens Grafton Train Station - Photos


Transport Minister Steven Joyce this afternoon opened the new $3m Grafton train station, in Park Rd.

After some brief speeches, he unveiled the plaque marking it officially open. Trains will use the new station from first thing Sunday.

Mr Joyce told the specially-invited gathering of dignitaries that his philosophy was one of getting on with the job “heads up and bums down” and to deliver on transport and infrastructure.

Also being marked at the occasion was the other major milestone - the duplication of that section of track.

This represents the completion of the Newmarket rail upgrade which started in 2007.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce about to unveil Grafton station plaque

In addition to building the new station platforms, KiwiRail and its contractor Fulton Hogan have double-tracked Newmarket’s Western Line, leaving the last section between Avondale and New Lynn to be done over Queen’s Birthday weekend in June.

Acting Project Director, of the Auckland rail upgrade  Project DART team, Peter King, described it as “a significant engineering project, immediately beside and above a busy road and rail corridors” and added that it  has not been without its challenges.

“But the team has risen to that challenge admirably and we appreciate their efforts for the benefit of Auckland commuters.”

The rail corridor has been widened from 5m to 13m and rail overbridges at Khyber Pass Rd and Park Rd replaced.  This has also created sufficient clearance for the overhead electric wires which will be installed as part of the electrification project, due to be finished  in the next three years.

ARTA’s Chairman, Rabin Rabindran, praised the government saying that  “Auckland’s rail renaissance continues to be stimulated by the biggest investment by government and the region in rail for decades. Ongoing improvements around the network continue to result in very strong patronage growth.

““We hope our customers enjoy the benefits of these ongoing improvements to deliver a World-class transport system that makes Auckland an even better place to live, work and play.”

ARTA Chair Rabin Rabindan speaks as a train hurtles by

The station has four entrance points making it safer than crossing the busy Khyber Pass and Park Rd and is an obvious improvement on the old -style platforms at Boston Road station. It is also tied in with the new Central Connector roadway service for easy and convenient interconnectivity between trains and buses.

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Station looks stunning

Various speeches

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Goodbye Boston Rd train station , Hello World class Newmarket -are railway stations




  1. Jimmy says:

    I don’t really understand why Steven Joyce gets his name on a plaque when all he’s really had to do with this station is removing a cloth from said plaque…

    I guess it’s not as bad as Banks getting his name all over Britomart when he was originally so opposed to it.

  2. Andrew says:

    I know it’s unrealistic, but one can hope:
    John Banks, with his name on the plaque at Britomart, now supports rail. Maybe the same will happen with Steven Joyce?

  3. rtc says:

    Why can’t they just have a plaque saying station opened 9th of April - the electoral cycle means no-one is every in power when a project they championed is complete.

    What Auckland does need are some plaques with “Baywaters ferry terminal cancelled by Hon. Steve Joyce” or “This station sold thanks to funding cuts by Hon. Steve Joyce”…

  4. Ian says:

    At last. A reason to visit Auckland! Dammit soon your service will be better than ours (Wellington).

  5. curtissd says:

    Great to see the station opened, thanks for the pics.

  6. Jeremy Harris says:

    I think using the words “world class”, “transport” and “Auckland” is a bit ambitious at the moment… A fundamental shift back to the 1905 - 1950 period is needed before we can claim that but hey progress is progress…

  7. max says:

    Ah, who cares. If it tickles him to get some good PR from opening train stations, it may be all for the best.

    And I may be an incurable idealist, but people should be doing things because they are the right things, not for the applause.


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