Bring On Real Time Info


Once we get integrated ticketing and real time train information, we won’t know ourselves.

Of course, not knowing that real time info now is one of the biggest frustrations for people pacing the platforms, wondering when delayed trains will turn up!
ARTA says that real time is coming.

We may see it first at Newmarket, according to ARTA’s latest bulletin, which says the signs there  are presently displaying service schedule information for next train arrivals and free text messaging for service disruptions and/or changes.

“Once the real time data feed is available from the ONTRACK train tracking system service ETAs will be displayed.”

Newmarket commuters wonder when their delayed train will turn up

New Lynn and Grafton stations also won’t have real time yet - but ARTA again says they will come, when other hubs get them.

New Lynn's temporary station doesn't offer a lot of information

In all such passenger information signs are promised at 20 stations by the RWC.

As discussed the other day, station signs that countdown to the next train approaching are commonplace overseas, such as below in Brisbane:

The bus passenger info signs project (that often say buses are coming then melt into a delay message and then frustratingly vanish forever off the screen as if it were a ghost bus) is finished but ARTA says “due to customer demand,” additional sites are being evaluated. The five bus stops to be constructed as part of the New Lynn Bus/Rail Interchange will also have such signs and are planned for completion by October.

We have to admit: At least working to this pressured RWC timetable is having some positive ups for getting good things happening.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:


  2. carl says:

    Real time or manipulated time?? Here in Os, Melbourne in particular, you can watch the train indicator panal, and sometime see that the train’s pending arrival has been put back. For example, the panal says train arriving in 2 minutes, then jumps back to 3 minutes, due to being late. Probably due to our run down signaling. Hope Ak fares better.


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