Western Train Line Duplication Project Going Well -Today’s Photos


Track testing and maintenance continues this afternoon around the new Western Line train duplication -  the penultimate phase of the duplication – and the commissioning of  the new signalling before the new Grafton station opens.

Workers, who have been on the job since before sunrise on Good Friday in the Boston Rd area have been fortunate in having fine weather in order to do this important job.

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  1. James Pole says:

    I absolutely love the first photo! A stunning change from prior to the construction works. It makes this part of the Western Line looks like it’s in the 21st century at last! :)

  2. Jon C says:

    @ James Pole Exciting isn’t it! We are last seeing real progress

  3. Ian says:

    James you’re right. It looks very sleek. Hopefully that is the look the whole Auckland service will have when the new EMU’s arrive.


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