Getting New Grafton Station Across Finish Line - Today’s Photos


“There is just so much to do,” muttered one of the workers at the new Grafton train station this afternoon.

With trains resuming on Tuesday morning, there’s been a full out effort this Easter weekend to help get the new station at both Park and Boston Road ends across the finish line.

Officials hold an official opening ceremony on Friday, with trains passing through the station from Sunday morning.

As with any building project, it’s those last minute, often fiddly bits, that take the time right at the end and there were plenty of those needing work at the moment - but the station is looking great!

And the second track work and commissioning of the new signals is also going on around them as well.

Here are photos of the work going on today:




  1. Ian says:

    Thank goodness someone has noticed the missing pandrol clips in the last pic.

  2. Matt L says:

    While it wasn’t a direct result of Grafton my train was 2 mins early into town this morning, the previous best was 2 mins late. (the train got to Grafton early)


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