Historic Culvert Removal Starts At Victoria Park - Photos


As part of the Victoria Park tunnel project, workers today began removing the historic brick-lined  Freemans Bay Culvert, built around 1900 to channel a stream from Western Park.

The massive job of relocating two stormwater drainage systems away from the tunnel construction site will take all of Easter weekend.

The culvert ulvert still carries a stream beneath the nearby Birdcage tavern to the sea and collects stormwater for all of Freemans Bay.

An L-shaped bypass is being made to the culvert.

The work means the central Auckland intersection of Franklin Road and Victoria Street West has been closed off to traffic, although shoppers can still access New World supermarket on the Saturday and Monday, when it is open.

The tavern is to be moved about 40m up Franklin Rd in about four months time. Post-tunnel, it will be restored to its original site.

MORE PHOTOS: Tunnel digging six weeks away -Construction Photos





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