UK To Have 4- day Rail Strike Meltdown - Videos


Only one UK train in 5 will be running for four days after Easter because of a strike, announced today.
In addition, a Tube strike also looms over staffing at stations.

It’s the first ever national rail strike since the system was privatised and despite different private firms owning the railways, the railways are operated by signal workers employed by Network Rail which has been told by the government and industry regulator to cut operating costs.
So planned to go are 50 signalling jobs, 1500 maintenance jobs and changes made to workers’ hours.

Unions say these moves will compromise safety.

The safety concerns is an argument Network Rail rejects, saying union thinking is in the “steam age” and it’s about commuters wanting better services.



  1. max says:

    I just hope we don’t get any labour disputes during the crucial next 3-5 years. Or if we do, we at least have someone fair and firm to mediate.

    With Auckland being (in my opinion) close but *not* yet over the “tipping point” for public transport (from where on new investment will come much more naturally, rather than in the ragged, fighting-over-every-cent fashion it does now), a major meltdown could complicate things heavily for PT advocates and progressive politicians.


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