$1.5m Study Into Improving SH29 Into Tauranga


NZTA’s now turning its eye on improving SH29 into Tauranga, near Tauriko.

Earlier studies identified options for the route varying from realignments to a complete bypass of Tauriko.

NZTA has just approved a $1.5m investigation to review the options, consider their social and environmental effects, select the most appropriate solution after public consultation, undertake geotechnical studies and develop a preliminary design for the preferred route.

Harry Wilson, NZTA’s Regional Director for the Bay of Plenty, says this section of highway is coming under increased pressure.

“This very important gateway into Tauranga is surrounded by areas of development and a growing number of local road users have to contend with the high proportion of heavy vehicles on this key freight route heading between the Waikato and the Port of Tauranga.

“The area targeted for investigation also presents road users with a difficult driving environment. It includes several tight corners, limited sightlines as well as the Tauriko township and school. It has a poor safety record and route security issues.

The investigation is likely to be begin within two months and is expected is take a year to complete.

Options will be released for public comment towards the end of this year.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Is this that huge toll road they have been planning for awhile..?

  2. Luke says:

    This is something else altogether. Tauriko is at the south-western entrance to Tauranga.
    So annoyed how they saw all these projects are about improving access to the Port of Tauranga. 40% of the exports already arrive there by rail, surely spending a fraction of the money on improving rail would give much better benefits.
    Most of the benefits to freight are soon eaten up by induced traffic and urban development anyway.


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