Waikato Rail Petitioners Successful But Told To Leave


Campaigners for a Waikato-Auckland commuter rail link say they got strong public support as they collected signatures around Hamilton for their petition over the weekend – but politicians and local council security staff weren’t so supportive.

Campaign for Better Transport spokesman Jon Reeves says his group got positive support from Labour MP Sue Moroney but not the local National MP’s David Bennett and Tim MacIndoe “who seem to be only committed to building more roads and have absolutely no desire to get the trains running as soon as possible.”

Also the campaigners had problems with the Hamilton City Council Parks management and hired security staff, who threatened to have CBT members removed from collecting petition signatures from a ratepayer owned park.

Jon Reeves says: “CBT had a stand at the Hamilton Gardens environment expo, and we have some members walking around the park collecting signatures. The Hamilton City Council parks staff ordered them off the park and even told our members to stand in a car park which is a very dangerous and poorly thought out suggestion. A wine and food expo also in the park meant our members were enjoying huge support on the day.

“Given the Gardens are owned by all Hamilton ratepayers, and most of them support our campaign, we thought the council staff would act reasonably to our presence in a public domain. We had positive support from the Hamilton Transport Centre security staff, as they clearly understood the benefits to the region of commuter rail.”

The group will continue to collect signatures in the Waikato and present the petition to Hamilton MPs later in March.

They’re thrilled with the public response - 2000 signatures in just one day taking the total to just over 5000.




  1. Paul says:

    Keep up the good work.

    This service should run at 160km and be electrified, 3-4 car EMU’s, big wish list


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