Locomotive Engineer Shortage A Concern


KiwiRail is experiencing locomotive engineer shortages –and the local union says that staff are  being lured to Australia.

A recent Australian recruitment drive is now starting to hit the industry hard here, according to the Rail and Maritime Transport Union.

General Secretary Wayne Butson says that Australian wages for locomotive engineers are almost double .

He says a dedicated commitment to training up the rail engineering workforce is the only realistic way of combating the lure of higher wages in Australia -  many here  “would  welcome the chance to train as a locomotive engineer.”

“High unemployment in New Zealand also means that a crown entity like KiwiRail should be looking at home for solutions to job shortages, rather than recruiting locomotive engineers from overseas.

“Overseas recruitment remains a band aid solution, and we will continue to advocate for a ongoing training programme in New Zealand for locomotive engineers.”




  1. Chris R says:

    They did this a few years ago and a lot went over - a few came back but not many.


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