Billboard Dismantled, MetService ‘Sorry”


The MetService billboard will no longer drench Auckland city passerbys with water, as criticised in my story here yesterday -  comments reprinted this morning in the Herald.

The Victoria St interactive billboard has been dismantled.

At lunchtime today, the annoying billboard was empty

The MetService’s marketing manager, Craig Delany responded to my story by saying the billboard wasn’t meant to so upset people.

“The intention wasn’t for water to spray onto the footpath and my understanding is that the wind caused problems for what has proven to be a very popular billboard with lots of positive feedback until that point, and so we have removed it.”

It’s interesting that MetService would not have forecast or imagined that there might be a bit of wind in a very exposed area - a very large open space on the corner of Elliot and Victoria Sts which had been cleared for a $450 million 67-level Elliott apartment tower, a project put on hold when the property development boom collapsed.
That large empty site alongside the Atrium shopping centre between Elliott St, Albert St and Victoria St West, where the billboard was, is now used as a carpark and a bungy jump.
Mr Delany said the water was recycled, not fresh water being wasted - although there was no mention of this on the billboard.
You can see the original photos of the failed ad agency billboard here



  1. JX says:

    If the water was recycled I couldn’t see where - the billboard looked like it was plumbed into the Bundgy ticket booth.

    Still - if it was they should have made that clear so it didn’t come off as massive water waste exercise.

    As I mentioned - I liked the Metservice campaign overall but this particular billboard was not a smart edition. Good riddance.

  2. Henderson Kid says:

    Jon, i hope you went into a decontamination chamber after being drenched twice. Recycled water.. do they mean waste water from the loo?

  3. Sarah from Meadowbank says:

    Jon, that’s so impressive.
    They took it down and apologised.
    You really are becoming the champion of us “little people.”
    That’s what bloggers used to be before most became obsessed about themselves and their own life doings and imagined importance.
    You’re appreciated.

  4. curtissd says:

    I still think that site should become a park, it can be a real sun trap.

  5. Sonicantz says:

    I actually enjoyed walking through the spray on hot days


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