Cycleway Across Harbour Bridge Takes Next Step


The plan for a cycleway /walkway across the Auckland Harbour bridge took another step today.

Auckland architects, Copeland Associates, have been commissioned to create an iconic design for the Pathway. said earlier that  the transport agency has confirmed that technically it can be done and the agency is open to funding options like a toll.

Concept designs will be made public next month. Copeland Associates director, Barry Copeland says his firm considers it a waterfront project “that ticks all the boxes for us.”

“It requires innovative design thinking to allow access to New Zealand’s most iconic bridge for all Aucklanders and visitors to our city. From an environmental, health, tourism and urban perspective, it is a winner.”

GetAcross spokesperson Bevan Woodward says he wants an iconic design with the ‘wow!’ factor. “We want to create a top 10 tourist attraction for the Auckland region and an asset all Aucklanders will be proud of.” The public will be invited to comment on the concept designs.

The plan is for it to be on the City side, under the bridge (so no impact on traffic lanes) with room for walkers and cyclists and lots of security and safety measures.

It connects Westhaven Drive, Auckland to Princes St, Northcote Point.

The aim is to have it built in time for the 2011Rugby World Cup.




  1. Richard says:

    I wouldn’t raise the hopes too far!!! There have been several proposals including one under the bridge in 1976. I was part of the group pushing for it and went to the Harbour Bridge Authority meeting where the proposal was heard.

    There were some amazing reasons why it couldn’t be done including “It would encourage more suicides” and ” vandals would throw the sand blasting sand into the harbour more often” and last but not least was the engineer they called to say the bridge wouldn’t carry the extra weight!! As soon as the MOW took the bridge over they added a heavy movable barrier and I have been scared going over the bridge ever since……

    The ARA then, to show there was interest, fitted out an old bus for a cyclists shuttle service which lasted for about three months. The Bridge Authority made it difficult and a service bound to fail operating in the height of winter. At least the ARA cared.

    The only difference here I believe that has got initial traction is the shock we are prepared to pay tolls. In 1976 we believed cyclist’s ferry fares should be paid by the Roads Board because they had banned us from State Highway One on the bridge.

    Best of Luck but don’t be disappointed.

  2. Max Robitzsch says:

    Don’t be so negative. NZTA has been (compared to one year ago) been quite supportive, and their own engineers have stated that the load of the walkway can be supported.

  3. Brent C says:

    By having glass underfoot could make the crossing interesting

  4. curtissd says:

    To ride from the city to the North Shore will be awesome!


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