To Hel But Not Back - I’m Live From The Last Train (Photos)


Some say it was set up to fail but whatever the reason, it’s sad to see any Auckland commuter rail service come to an end.

So it’s emotional to be taking the last ride to Helensville tonight.

I’m posting this from the Helensville-bound train where the sparsely populated carriage I am in, is in a sobering mood.

There aren’t many people on board, probably because the city has been rather empty today as many businesses have already finished work.

I’ve seen this service much busier with people standing and hanging on to those straps.

Those in my carriage seem lost in thought but have been talking about only one thing. How life for them will change after tonight.

There are a couple of train enthusiasts on tonight’s trip taking photos. For the record, DC4951 and SA5935 are doing the honours.

Before the train left Britomart, staff shook the guard’s hand and wished him well for the last trip. “I wish it was me taking her out tonight,” another guard told him.

Canceling a service is not a good look.  The reasons are complex and political as well as operational.

There isn’t much you can say to my fellow passengers tonight.

The rest of us are getting a flash new Newmarket station and other improvements. These good folk who have supported a rail service are losing their rail link to Auckland. Not a good Christmas for them.




  1. Simon says:

    The last for now yes. Ever? I hope not. I hope it`ll be back someday as the network continues to grow and improve and maybe next time it`ll be a better chance to make it work with more services and better options for potential users.

  2. Anthony says:

    Like Simon said, it may be gone for the next few years but it will come back when Aucklands train network gets more effective and reliable.

  3. nzbcfanboi says:

    lol Jon we were on the same carriage you even got my face on the last pic


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