Manurewa Shows What We Need Everywhere (Photos)


Manurewa’s newish transport interchange shows what all Auckland train stations need.

In the debate here last week about how Sylvia Park’s train station works, being so close to the shopping mall there, I thought we should visit Manurewa’s transport interchange as it ticks most of the boxes of what we want.

Sadly the new Newmarket station misses some of these boxes - especially the ability to leave the train station and easily find a bus.

Manurewa’s interchange, opened in 2006, marries local transport and shopping needs well:

It has the smart open platforms, lighting and CCTV, that are becoming familiar in the suburban platform upgrades:

It has a park and ride facility:

Thanks to ARTA, it has cycle lockers (5 of them) you can rent for $50 for two months at a time:

It has further free cycle racks:

It has clear signage and entrance ways:

And it’s bang alongside the Southmall shopping centre, other shops and food outlets:

Well done Manurewa and all involved.




  1. rtc says:

    Would be nice to have something similar at Greenlane, shift the station in behind the Foodtown, and use some of their land for a bus interchange, it’s in a rather hidden place it is right now.

  2. Joshua says:

    The only boxes Newmarket misses really is park n’ ride which we really do not want their anyways, and a bus interchange.

    The bus interchange being the most disapointing - those apartments are taking up the room now though.

    Do you know if there is a train timetable and information in the shopping centre? This is one other thing I would add to the list if possible as they should have one there and in 277.

  3. Brent C says:

    That over bridge is yuck. They could have built something more design orientated instead of a concrete deck

  4. rtc says:

    @Brent C - always the issue when cash is the issue…

    @Joshua - they should at least try and time buses to stop outside on Broadway when the trains come. But if the land had been kept rather than the apartment, a bus interchange could quite easily have been built in behind the shops.

  5. Jon C says:

    @Joshua, excellent idea. I’ll pass it on.

  6. Kelvin says:

    What a fantastic site. I am researching returning to NZ at the mo and wondered how far down the track AKL was with airport -city rail link hence my visit here.
    As for this page I would have wanted a better shot of the clear signage you mention. Brent C - you are right about the bridge!

  7. curtissd says:

    Greenlane Station is in the such a weird place. I agree move it to where “railway ave” is on google maps (looks like the street has gone)

  8. Owen Thompson says:

    I live 5mins walk from the Manurewa station & it’s a great improvement on the two previous stations. The bridge design doesn’t bother me, except I always think it’s rather optimistically wide.


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