2009 Auckland Train Development in Photos (Part 1): The Early Months


We began the year, with a new government and , especially thanks to the ditching of the Auckland regional petrol tax plan, uncertainty about the future of planned Auckland public transport projects.

We end the year with the much welcome green light for two of the biggest leaps we could hope for  - integrated ticketing and funding for electric trains.

And all around us, there is a frenzy of development going on including a new Newmarket station opening on January 18, upgrades to other stations and work to prepare Auckland for electric rail.

Here are random photo glimpses of how the landscape has changed over the year:

January - and work is underway on Newmarket’s new station

In Remuera Rd, as the railbridge project began, these thick pipes made a colourful image:

Morningside would be getting a new Bro’town train station:

Work began on the massive job to build a New Lynn rail trench:

Work began on a new Avondale station and electrification track work:

2009 In Photos: Part 2





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