Newmarket Station - Platform Level (Photos)

Where's the train?

Where's the train?

Newmarket’s platforms are well signposted, with information boards and seating.

new westlookWhat a change from the old days - well, actually not that long ago - when a train would arrive at the old station and you had to ask the guard where it was going as there was no signage.

There is an attempt at noise protection for those living in the neighbouring apartment blocks. Those folk will have to get used to trains arriving constantly. They can’t say they didn’t know there was a train station nearby!

new noiseAnd remember a year or two ago, a student was hired with a loudhailer for peak times to announce where the train was going to save you asking the guard!

new tunnel

We have come a long way fast.

new stairs

Be great when integrated ticketing arrives and we can zap our smart card and pour through the gates.

new tickets

Now all we need are for the trains to actually stop here . Only a month to go.

new train




  1. Peter says:

    Great photos,Jon.

  2. Matt says:

    Platforms 2 & 3 look like they share a track, does this mean doors on both side of the train will open when stopping here?

    Also love the tag on the last pic - new train - however the train in the pic is anything but new

  3. Brent C says:

    I’m wondering the same thing as Matt…

    I was thinking it would be something of the following (depending on the time of day)

    1= Manukau/Onehunga
    2= Papakura/Britomart
    3= Britomart
    4= Swanson

    This would mean the door would only open on one side between platform 2-3.

    What do you know Jon?

  4. James says:

    The ticket office with info above looks so much like Britomart, Its very cool the way the station design-theme has been applied here and at the other new stations.

    Speaking of Integrated Ticketing does it look like there’ll be a concourse linking the platforms to allow transferring within the paid area? i.e. Arrive on a train from Onehunga and change to a western line service without swiping out-and-back-in at Newmarket…?

    Looks great, can’t wait for it to start operating.


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