Critical Search Begins For Transport CEO


transport agencyThe search has begun this weekend for a person that will determine the future direction of Auckland’s public transport .

It’s the interim chief executive for the Auckland Transport Agency,  established by the Government, “with responsibility for local authority transport delivery functions” in Auckland, including local roads and public transport. The Auckland Transition Agency  is to appoint the interim CEO “to plan and manage the transport integration process and lead the new Transport Agency in delivering a transport network that supports Auckland’s growth and economic success.”

The position will be appointed for a term ending 29 June 2012.

The recruitment agency says: “Candidates must possess experience at Chief Executive or Chief Operating Officer level in managing large, complex change environments where business as usual must be maintained and delivered. Ideally, we seek leadership within public sector organisations and/or private sector organisations delivering large scale contracted services; together with an intimate understanding of programme management. Compelling evidence of an ability to create a culture of high performance, innovation and exceptional customer service is essential.

“The position demands highly astute relationship building and influencing skills with key infrastructure stakeholders and the new Auckland Council. In addition, we seek a leadership style that is flexible and resilient, yet decisive and accountable. A level of maturity and gravitas will be expected.”

Let’s hope there’s a great line-up of potential candidates. who are also in tune with Auckland’s public transport potential.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Expect a Rogernome, Joycess road lover…

  2. jarbury says:

    I guess someone other than Fergus Gammie, so he can concentrate on ARTA still? Mr Gammie seems to do an OK job at ARTA.


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