Onehunga’s Missing Link: Penrose II Emerges (Photos)


Work has begin on building a second Penrose railway station, in preparation for the Onehunga line. Here’s an aucklandtrains close-up look at progress so far:

PENROSE II:A The platform has already begun construction

PENROSE II:A The platform has already begun construction

TWOSOME: Penrose II seen from the roof of the present station

TWOSOME: Penrose II seen from the roof of the present station

pen curve

pen 2 tracks

POINTS: Britomart or Onehunga?




  1. BA says:

    It’s in the middle of…NOWHERE!

    Ah well…the story of Auckland train stations. ;(

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s in an industrial area (ie: where people work) and just down from one of Auckland’s big IT shops.

    It’s also going to be the south <-> Onehunga transfer point. So while not in the middle of a bustling town centre, it’s still got its uses.

  3. James says:

    @BA There are actually residential streets in amongst a lot of the industry, over the motorway using Penrose Road and west around Rockfield road. You might not want to live there but all of those places are in walking distance. Just up the way is Ellerslie station, one of the southern line’s busiest. As many of those industries move out to places like Highbrook (this is already happening with Courierpost and Officemax being 2 recent examples) some of the area might be re-zoned as residential. So perhaps “nowhere” might be an exaggeration.

  4. BA says:

    It will be very difficult to re-zone any of the area to be residential because the soils in the area are heavily contaminated. That was the issue raised by an urban planner on TV a couple of years ago. Much of the southern/south eastern part of the Auckland isthmus is low density industrial sprawl, and these areas are very well served by rail. Unfortunately, the same doesnt apply to the rapidly sprawling outer-suburbs.

    Somehow, if the same areas were residential, we could combat a lot of the urban sprawl and increase public transport usage aswell. :)

  5. George Darroch says:

    Better transport links will also encourage development.

  6. William M says:

    I vividly recall my early morning shifts where I would hop on a 5.20am train (an ADK) from Papakura via Newmarket, and it seemed that it was heavily patronised from Papakura to Penrose, then died off to the Brit. I can imagine that any labourers/industrial workers will be using the Onehunga Line.

  7. Ingolfson says:

    Penrose, according to a 2008 study by Auckland City Council, has a whopping 45,000 employees working there! Hardly “nowhere”.

  8. Jon C says:

    Thanks for the figure Ingolfson. It always looks a busy location.

  9. Jeremy Harris says:

    Rockfield Rd is within walking distance which has some big state house developments on and just off it…

  10. Steve says:

    They are probably building another station as better jump off for Mount Smart, or more likely, as it is nonsensical decision, is that it’s probably the cheapest option, rather than change junction/existing station site and getting a better overall result with parking and bus interchange.

    Penrose Junction could be a major hub if Airport extension goes through Onehunga.

    Let’s not get into the indecision at Onehunga Station site end, that should combine with a relocated Bus terminus in most central location rail can be to the main street/shops.

    Again poor decision for Onehunga rail, in not purchasing the land where units are now built, where residents obviously object to the rail on their doorstep, as it is very close.

    The rail of course should also push through to the docks and future leisure pier with access to a walk/ride crossing on Manakau and Water taxis/ferries and boat tours of the Manakau.

    Proud Onehunga Resident
    Onehunga the true History of Auckland.

  11. Neal says:

    This is a wonderful site, as a train enthusiast I support any form of rail development and like to think that one day Rotorua will be re-opened, the North Auckland lines will remain open and the link between Moerewa and Kawakawa will be reinstated. Ridiculous idea to cut off Kawakawa from the national network. Typical corporate short sightedness. I was also disappointed when the Thames link was closed and not replaced by a cycle way. I called for it then, finally we have a PM that relates to that vision.
    Great to see Onehunga come back, I always said I would believe when I see it and now it is becoming a reality.
    Could you expand this AKT site to include North Auckland and Rotorua.

    Thank you


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