Big Carpark Building Planned - Where’s the Park N Ride?


There are park and rides at Homai, Manurewa and Papatoetoe stations.

But there’s been no word on any park and ride for Manukau’s new rail station being built  -  yet  Manuaku city council  is to build a  600 space carpark just around the corner from the new Manukau railway station.

The council itself is doing the project saying it will “cater for future development on the site and  free up other development sites the council owns which are currently used for parking .”

The development, on the corner of Davies Ave and Ronwood Ave, is just five minutes walk from the new Manukau Station and tertiary campus that work recently began on. At a later stage the council is proposing to invite proposals for a retail and commercial block plus a bedroom hotel on the remainder of the site.

This development would be on the street frontage around the carpark building.  Mayor Len Brown says Manukau city centre is expected to become the major regional centre for the south of Auckland. So the council wants to unlock the economic potential of the area and use its land to encourage investment and businesses there.

“Just the first stage of providing a carpark building will open up other key development sites in the city centre. It unlocks the potential for development on land the council owns which is only used for car parks at the moment. Although the options for retail and hotel developers are limited at the moment, as the economy picks up we want to be ready to get this happening.”




  1. Brent C says:

    I was always of the opinion that Manukau had enough parking. Is this new parking building replacing existing parking facilities?

  2. William M says:

    I should hope so. Joshua Arbury of CBT fame has worked out that 60-70% of the Manukau CBD area is actually parking!

    PT use seems to drop to destinations that are flush with parking. I would be very wary of the concept of a park and ride in Manukau if the MCC does not tackle the excess parking issue in their CBD area.

  3. Owen Thompson says:

    Yes Brent. At present it’s run by Tournament Parking and holds about 200 cars.

  4. Owen Thompson says:

    I have been told that construction commences next month.


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