Commuter Rail Is Just For Poor People


wired I am often amused by people who are surprised I use commuter rail and say they thought only poor people used trains.

I often wonder if that’s also what some in officialdom assume and that’s why it isn’t given a prority or why we get such cramp overcrowded conditions.

Looking around the train carriage this afternoon, there were enough electronics to match those in your average Dick Smith outlet.

Every third person seemed to have a laptop, most people had iPods and several had smart phones or Iphones and were accessing the internet.

Of course that’s possible on a Friday night rush hour train when some people stay in town for drinks or whatever; try using a laptop on the ever-increasingly crowded morning trains!




  1. Brent C says:

    Having grown up in Wellington, people don’t have the same beliefs in the rail system. However in my journeys around the country, most public transport seems to act as a social service to either the young, elderly or disabled.

  2. Jon C says:

    Interesting comment Brent. I hope next time people suggest it you show the photo!

  3. jarbury says:

    I think the invention of the iPod has done great things for public transport. Once handheld internet phones/devices become affordable to the masses I think once again public transport will benefit. Why waste your time driving when you could be blogging/emailing/checking the news on your mobile while listening to your favourite songs?

  4. Pukekohe lad says:

    I wouldnt dare show off my ipod and sony ericson phone where i travel on the train or bus. It wouldnt last til the next stop. No wonder the maori wardens are onboard.

  5. William M says:

    @Pukekohe lad: in the school runs perhaps, but the commuter runs are generally good.
    I find it a good time to unwind with my Macbook and check the last e-mails of the day before going for a snooze. And whoever said it was for poor people should really look at the price of a monthly pass!


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