Newmarket Progressing: Major Second Track Work Starts in A Month (Photos)


train at newmarketNewmarket’s train station is looking closer to being finished and is on time for its scheduled opening in the third newmarket bridgeweek of January - but there’s still work especially on the ground to be done to meet the schedule.

And major earthworks are planned within the rail corridor during Labour weekend - October 23 to 26 - to prepare for the second track. That work will continue during the Christmas train closedown.

Newmarket’s other road and rail projects are at full steam. The final phase of the Khyber Pass Rd bridge reconstruction has just begun with traffic now moving on the completed two thirds of the bridge.newmarket from south

On Park Rd, piling is well underway on the second half of the rail overbridge.

remuera 150This is due to be completed in December.




  1. Sam F says:

    Ah, that glorious ADK - they’ll be sorely missed when electrification comes…


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