Rugby Fans Left Out In The Cold


DSCN2583DSCN2607 As rugby fans pour out of special free trains at Kingsland tonight to attend the All Blacks- Wallabies clash at nearby Eden Park - the spectators left are coming off a Papakura southern line train via Britomart - you have to ask yourself why did electrification of the train service drop off the priority agenda for the Rugby World Cup 2011?

Tonight’s game is limited to 32,000 seats since the southern stand was demolished as part of the ground’s development for the RWC. Even so, Sandringham Rd has been blocked off, shown above,right and parking in some neighbouring streets has been restricted to buses and other special vehicles. Tow truck companies are busy.

So imagine what it’s going to be like when the masses pour onto trains for the RWC. Remember the embarrassment when the train system broke down for a Blues match and people were late for the game or couldn’t get home.

But with all the emphasis on rushing to get certain developments down - like party central Princes Wharf and the Eden Park revamp -  why did electrification get left behind? The first electric service may emerge sometime from 2013 if the government hurries up with its funding proposal for the actual trains. Years too late for the cup.

How does the government expect people to get to the games? A fast reliable electric service is the answer.




  1. Chris R says:

    Mind you, if we are stuck with diesel trains for the cup, and I am not convinced that all the hype will necessarily come true, the election is a month later.

    Any shortcomings with the current system will then be patently obvious!

    Perhaps then we will be able to bring down the Government!

  2. William M says:

    We have railbuses running in the weekends to come. Some of those railbus stops do not have shelters. They -will- have fan going to games at Eden Park however. I think I will stick to watching the game from the comfort of my lounge than probably get soaked waiting at a bus stop for a railbus. Mind you, I am looking forward to seeing exactly what they are up to on that weekend, especially around the Newmarket junction.


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