Monday Meltdown - Number 2397


DSCN2443Mechanical problems were to blame for the dreadful delays on all lines this morning - the first day of the new timetable schedules.

It was so bad, passengers were advised to find “alternative transport’ to work or school if they weren’t able to cope with the delays.

So much for a launch day boasting improvements.

And yes the weather was bad but this is a railway track not a motorway.

The problem when services turn bad as predicted in my earlier post about the new timetables, is that trains get in a queue as they approach Britomart.

The train I was eventually on kept stopping near Britomart - even halfway in the tunnel - and waiting for what seemed ages as we waited for a platform to be available and for a platform that could fit the train without it being stuck back into the tunnel.

About time we resurrected that debate about Brit being a through station.




  1. Sarah from Meadowbank says:

    Today was disgusting. Waiting in the cold and wet for a train that never arrived. I gave up and walked and arrived at work wet as. I then had to go and buy a towel to dry myself. All I need now is to get a cold as a result. If this is an improved service, can we go back to the old? Oh hang on, the old was as bad.

  2. jarbury says:

    There’s been a worrying lack of news about Ontrack’s progress in getting together the required documentation for the notice of requirement (for the needed designation) with regards to the CBD rail loop.

    I haven’t heard anything for months…. :(

  3. nzbcfanboi says:

    Well today seemed to be ok expect for fact some services are using different platforms which is a bit annoying.


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