Timetable Changes: Will the Southern Line Cope?


UPDATE: Read post above how it turned out to be  a Monday Meltdown .
It’s another sign of progress. New timetables for Southern and Eastern lines come into effect Monday and expect the next changes in six months when the Newmarket station re-opens.

But how will the system cope?

The main change is a few longer trains during peak times on the Southern and Eastern line with the additional carriages helping cope with increasing patronage. There are also some slight changes to timetables.

Let’s hope the straining old trains can take it and that we avoid what has happened in the past when you add any new service and a train breaks down. The resulting timetable goes into meltdown for everyone especially with Britomart not being able to cope with too many trains arriving at the same time.

Still, let’s be positive and welcome this as another sign people want trains and those in charge are trying to service us better.

Main changes:

Southern Line: More capacity on peak services.Two extra carriages will be added to some peak services.One extra late night service Sunday to Thursday - leaving Britomart at 10.10pm to Papakura (last train currently at 9.10pm).

Eastern Line: Two extra morning peak services between Otahuhu and Glen Innes (6.50am and 7.24am. Extra late night services Sunday to Thursday. Two additional services leaving Britomart at 9.40pm to Papakura (last train currently at 8.40pm) and 10.40pm to Otahuhu.

Pukekohe: Additional departure from Pukekohe at 8.04am, Additional later train from Pukekohe departing at 8.24pm. 75 minute frequency from Britomart to Pukekohe (and return) throughout the day. One later train to Pukekohe in the evening - leaving Britomart at 7.10pm and arriving at Pukekohe at 8.16pm.

Western: No changes except the annoying midweek nightly bus replacements no longer happen.

If you use the Southern or Eastern lines, let’s know how it goes.




  1. 2ndCarriage says:

    Thats a cool picture of the train leaving penrose. thats where i catch the train. its another cold miserable station.

  2. Val says:

    I need to travel from Pukekohe into New Market Friday 27 November. I need to arrive New Market at 9.00am.
    What train (time) is the best to catch?
    Will it stop at New Market?
    What is the cost?

  3. Owen Thompson says:

    Hope Val enjoyed the new market at Newmarket!


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