“World-Class Public Transport” for Auckland’s Rugby World Cup



It may look passable on a postcard but officials should not fool themselves Auckand’s public transport system is “world-class” or will be by the time the Rugby World Cup is held inDSCN1967.JPG Auckland in 2011.

Check back this week’s posts on this site to see how broken the system has been this week alone.

But the officials are in some sort of denial.

The Auckland Regional Authority Transport Authority is advertising for a Rugby World Cup Project manager and the job description reads: “Our mission is to deliver a world-class transport system that makes Auckland an even better place to live, work and play…..ARTA is the lead agency for passenger transport service provision in the Auckland region for RWC 2011 and is responsible for developing and implementing a programme of transport initiatives. The role of the RWC Project Manager is to ensure ARTA meets and exceeds our customers’ transport expectations for this major international sporting event by providing a world class service.”

Electrification won’t have happened by RWC day - and let’s not forget the chaos in April (earlier post) when signals crashed leaving Eden Park fans stranded. The signals hopefully will be fixed in a year’s time but a miracle will have to happen between now and 2011 for anyone to be stupid enough to equate what Auckland will have on offer with a “world-class’ public transport system.

If that’s the KPIs for the person getting the job, they are being set up to fail.




  1. jarbury says:

    The stupid thing is that if Steven Joyce hadn’t stuffed up the funding stream for electrification, and not immediately replaced it (when will the trains be ordered I wonder…) we MAY well have had at least part of the network electrified by the RWC.

    That certainly sounds like a pretty hopeless job someone will be stuck with.

  2. AR says:

    World Class, World Class, World Class, my foot. As I have said before, ‘world class’ has become this cliche`d expression that Auckland officials use too often. It is some sort of a propaganda to make the general public feel that they live in the best city in the world and everywhere else is third-world. No wonder it shows up in the resistance to change-mainly in transport issues.


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