Mt Albert by-Election Candidates & Dog Attend Tunnel Protest


dscn2403act-at-rallyGreens, Labour and Act’s Mt Albert by-election candidates turned up at this afternoon’s rally organised by the pro-Waterview tunnel campaign.shearer-at-rally

The rally was held at Alan Wood reserve’s main football field where kids waved placards saying a motorway was going to carve its way through where they played soccer.

The “Tunnel or nothing”  campaigners earlier staged a protest march to further their campaign that the SH20 ring should be completed with the Labour government-proposed tunnel not a motorway extension as proposed by the present government.

dscn2402Not surprisingly, there was no sign of National’s Meliisa Lee but there was a group of National Party people waving Vote-for-Melissa signs a kilometre or so away at the Mt Albert shops.dscn2400

Missing in action

Missing in action

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  1. Rusty Kane says:

    The Waterview options will be Decided by the Mt Albert voters themselves not by party lackies political parties or by lobby groups.

    Rusty Kane Speaks Out..
    Press Release

    The People’s Choice Party

    Rusty Kane speaks out.

    The Mt Albert electorate will only vote for a smaller party like The People’s Choice Party. Not because of their candidate, but because of what the candidate represents or is saying. I and The People’s Choice Party are saying, the Mt Albert electorate themselves should be the ones who decide what is best for Mt Albert. If the Mt Albert voters believe this also, they will vote accordingly. As a protest vote, sending a direct message to the Government itself. The voters of the Mt Albert electorate are not fools. They know the by-election is not going to change the Government. But they do know that their votes and how they vote will decide the outcome of their views. If that view is for the people of Mt Albert to decide what is best for Mt Albert not that of a political party. Then there’s every chance they will protest their vote to a smaller party with those same views. Sending the strongest possible message to the Government leading up to a general election. There is no reason for Labour not to win the Mt Albert by-election. But what is more important in a by-election is the percentage of the remaining votes that are divided up among the smaller parties and why is the real message.

    “The People’s Choice Party”
    PO Box 41002, St Lukes,
    Auckland 1346
    [email protected]


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