Another disasterous trip: Latest excuse? “Oil on the tracks”


Southern Line reader Stacey tells us of the latest excuse for a disastrous train trip this morning - “oil on the tracks.”

Once again the pattern is familiar - little information, “short delays” turning into lengthy nightmares for people trying to get to work. Thanks Stacey for the info and photo.

Not so happy punters waiting at Te Mahia Station for some resolution ; ) (Reader's Photo: Stacey)

Not so happy punters waiting at Te Mahia Station for some resolution ; ) (Reader's Photo: Stacey)

“This morning’s 8.30am train from Pukekohe to Britomart on the Southern Line came to a premature end at Te Mahia stop this morning.

Just ahead of us was a freight train that had stopped for ‘oil on the tracks’.

We were told it would just be a short delay until the freight train moved on, this was at 8.50am. However many announcements later and after finally letting all passengers depart the train to stand on the platform, Veolia staff informed us at 9.45am that the freight train was going nowhere and the Southern Line service between Otahuhu and Papakura was cancelled until further notice.

A few passengers left to seek other transport, but Veolia did arrange taxi’s to ferry Papakura>Te Mahia passengers to Otahuhu station to meet up with a special Otahuhu>Britomart train going via GI. Journey not helped by the large number of rugrats aboard for school holidays but at least they were smiling.

Short story - got on train at 8.30am in Pukekohe, got off at Britomart at 11.00am - not the best start to my Friday!”




  1. Nicola says:

    I was on this train and was one of the people who gave up and caught alternative transport as soon as it was clear that the train wasn’t going anywhere - the train had only travelled two stations from Papakura where I caught it and I could easily call home and get my car. What frustrated me was that no refunds were offered - I overheard one woman ask if she would be required to pay for a bus ticket if she caught the bus (the guards were referring people to the buses before the taxis turned up) and she was clearly told that yes she would have to pay for the bus, this was on top of paying for train tickets from Papakura to Britomart for her self and her 2 year old Grandson.

    Why are people not being refunded when the service fails to deliver? I have a monthly pass so I couldn’t kick up a fuss about it but a lot of people lost out today.

  2. Lily says:

    I was waiting at Ellerslie this morning from 7.45am until 8.45am. Inbetween this time period there is usually supposed to be atleast 3 trains coming through on the Southern Line.
    No announcements were made at all the entire time.

    I ended up getting to work just before 10am due to the fact of waiting an additional 20 mins for a bus, which are even less reliable, believe it or not!

    Surely it is not so hard for someone just to announce “there will be no trains for the next (insert estimate time here)” Instead of making us wait in hope that one may arrive any minute!


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