Auckland Farmers Santa Parade Trains, Buses


Farmers Santa Parade on Sunday - here are the Auckland public transport details of trains, buses, and ferries to get you to Queen St.

‘Trains are running this weekend.


Services will run from all stations including Pukekohe and Helensville.

Special trains will depart Helensville, stopping at Waimauku, Huapai and all stations between Waitakere and Britomart.

Here are the timetables:
Southern Line

Western Line

Eastern Line (no change)

Onehunga Line (no change)


Bus stop changes for the city

Check Maxx for your best bus route and timetable


Extra services:
Ex Northcote Point at 12.55pm
Ex Birkenhead at 1.00pm
Ex Bayswater at 1.25pm

Ferry Timetables

Have a great time!




  1. Sam says:

    We went to the parade today- the trains were completely packed but seemed to work seamlessly.

    After the parade tens of thousands of people simultaneously converged on Britomart, so we went off for a drink for 25 mins. When we got back there was no backlog… the crowds had cleared and trains were leaving as quickly as people were arriving.

    Veolia managed the event well with heaps of extra staff, who were even directing us to the next free carriage. Communication at the station and on the train was great and everyone seemed to know where they had to go.

    Apparently there were 300000 at the event. Not sure how many caught the train, but around Customs and Lower Queen Street at the end the mass flow of people was definitely towards the station (rather than the car parks which only have a fraction of the people moving capability). I think it was a huge success… definitely heaps of happy first time train users.

  2. Matt L says:

    3 massive events in 4 days pushing the system to its limits, hope all the trains play nice this week ;-) This will provide a bit of a spike in the patronage data.


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