New NZTA Kid In Town


As we head to the new super city, there will be a changing of the guard for Auckland’s NZTA transport.

The CEO of Tauranga City Council, Stephen Town has today resigned to take up a key local NZTA position - Regional Director Auckland/Northland.

The city’s mayor, Stuart Crosby, singled out Mr Town for the hundreds of millions of dollars he assisted to bring into Tauranga city - particularly for roading - through his skills at deal-making and brokering relationships with Government and other stakeholders.

He said: “Mr Town has a wide range of skills that essentially boiled down to being able to find pathways to resolve difficult issues - and these will be perfectly deployed in his new role in Auckland.”

Mr Town will start in the role on October 11, prior to the retirement of Regional Director Wayne McDonald at the end of this year.

NZTA Chief Executive Geoff Dangerfield said the NZTA was thrilled to have Mr Town on board to “help lead us through an exciting period of change and growth for the Auckland region.”




  1. Chris says:

    I look forward to Mr Town’s application of his skills to creating 100kms of bike lanes in the region.

  2. silverado says:

    And progressing access across the Auckland Harbour Bridge for its walking and cycling citizens would be a great place to start!

  3. Barb Insull says:

    and funding Public bikes while recopgnizing they are an inmportant element in the Public Transport mix!
    Go nextbikes!

  4. Barb Insull says:

    and funding Public bikes while recognizing they are an important element in the Public Transport mix!
    Go nextbikes!


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