Sydney Near Rail ‘Paralysis’


We think Auckland has problems.

An independent report into Sydney’s transport problems has finally reported back this afternoon and warns that Sydney’s CityRail system will face paralysis by 12 years time.

Among its recommendations, it says  says a second harbour rail crossing is urgently needed.

The Independent Public Inquiry was set up last year to create a long -term public transport plan for Sydney to inform decisions by future governments on the priorities over the next 30 years.

It says that Sydney needs an integrated public transport network to drive a sustainable, liveable and viable future at time of increased pressure from climate change, growing demand for transport resources and reduced oil reserves.

You can read the report out this afternoon here




  1. Kurt says:

    If Sydney thinks they have problems they needn’t look any further for comfort than Auckland.

    Imagine very regular trains connected to the greater Eastern, Southern and Western suburbs, the airport, a North Shore link that looped to the West and an underground system in the CBD using large electric trains all integrated with other modes of public transport using a single ticket. And intercity connections.

    Imagine a government who looked just a little into the future and realised that excess emissions is a concern and peak oil is a real prospect and wanted to do something meaningful to address it.

    Well imagining, for a very long time to come is all we’ve got in Auckland, end of story.

  2. Jeremy Harris says:

    I think Auckland and Sydney are similar in a lot of ways transport-wise, Sydney is just bigger…

  3. carl in melbourne says:

    Sydney thinks they have problems. Try using trains in Melbourne. Over crowded trains, poor track maintainance, a smart card system that cost nearlly a billion to get up and running, and then it wouldn’t work on trams. Only problem Sydney has is that their Gov’ts have an untramelled record of announcing grand rail schemes, only to cancel them AFTER, the election. Sound familier.


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