Goff SuperCity Promise


Labour leader Phil Goff, saying National’s SuperCity plans for Auckland had “gone off the rails” today promised changes if Labour became the next government.

Speaking in Mt Albert he said: “Whether it is building a 21st century transport network, or working to end poverty in Auckland, the next Labour-led government will work alongside the Auckland Council in a genuine partnership.
“I will invite the Mayor of Auckland to attend Cabinet committees for significant decisions relating to Auckland.

“That will give Auckland, where a third of New Zealanders live, a direct voice around the cabinet table before a decision is made rather than simply imposing decisions made without adequate Auckland input.
“Not the reported views of Aucklanders as interpreted by the Wellington bureaucrats, but the democratically elected mayor, directly influencing the big decisions on Auckland as they are made in Cabinet.”

The Labour leader promised transparency, saying that four government departments, including Treasury advised against setting up the transport agency as a council controlled company and proposed running it in-house instead. They said the Government’s plan lacked transparency and accountability to the ratepayers.

“Labour will restore transparency and accountability to the Auckland Council.”

He said the the government was approaching setting up Auckland not as community, but as a corporation. So it had gone about creating the city in a way that isn’t transparent, that isn’t accountable, that isn’t responsive to its communities.

“That will never work. When decisions have been imposed from above, Aucklanders won’t feel a sense of ownership over or commitment to the new city.”

He promised Labour would:

  • Give power back to local communities
  • Legislate to enshrine real decision making powers for local boards
  • Review the ward boundaries and talk to communities about whether single rather than multi member wards would better ensure that all communities are fairly represented and feel their voice is being heard
  • Restore to Auckland the power to make its own decisions about the structure and powers of the seven council-owned companies that will manage three-quarters of the rates revenue provided by Aucklanders
  • Goff: Govt has imposed SuperCity decisions"from above"

    On Auckland’s transport issues, Phil Goff had this to say:

    “After decades of traffic hassles throttling the city’s development, there is still isn’t a complete transport infrastructure and the Auckland air is more polluted than it should be.
    I want Auckland to be able to offer everyone an affordable, quick and convenient transport system to get to work, and get out to see friends.
    We need a modern, electric rail network extending to the four corners of the city, including a second harbour crossing, a central city loop and a link to the airport. And effective bus ways where rail cannot reach.”




  1. ingolfson says:

    Good stuff. Too bad nobody cares about the national-level politics at the moment, with National seemingly invulnerable.

  2. Andu says:

    Gee they’re all on the rail bandwagon now arn’t they! (er….except the actual govt).
    Good to hear nevertheless.

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    It is statements like this (and world events, oil, climate, etc) that give me a lot of hope that Joyce is the last 50s mindset MoT we’ll have… Great stuff, my vote is still Green but that is as good as a vote for the environmental branch of Labour…

  4. rtc says:

    The last perhaps but we may still have him for another 4-5 years and that’s plenty of time to do a lot of damage to PT….
    Let’s see, it’s good that projects like Puhoi will take time, time enough to dump then when we get a change in government.


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