Grafton Train Station: Buses Outside The Door


A “flaw,” or at best, a frustrating annoyance, with the new Newmarket railway station is that there are no buses outside the door.
Sorting out which bus to take from Newmarket is actually quite a mission.
There is now a sign at the station indicating which bus to take and where in Newmarket to find it - but no timetables so the other night I gave up risking a walk to find the relevant bus stop probably only to find the buses had either stopped for the night or were a long way apart - or didn’t go near the destination.

Buses and trains, public transport, need to work together as we know only too well from all the discussions here.
It’s pleasing to note bus stops right outside the Park Rd Grafton station. As tourists may use Grafton for the Domain and Museum, let’s hope there is more detailed bus information somewhere on which Khyber Pass buses go to parts of the city, etc.

And great to see at Grafton’s Park Rd, we’ll have train timetable information clearly visible from the street.
Another annoying frustration is how many stations don’t display timetables until you are actually on the platform.
Morningside, for example, displayed timetables at the street entrance but have since removed that and you have to walk to the midst of the platform to find out if it’s worth waiting or quicker to get a bus along New North Rd.

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  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Something that should be happening Auckland wide and would allows us to build bus shelters to ARTA’s new standards adjacent to the rail system…


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