Update On Train Station Improvements Before The RWC


There is still work to be done around some of Auckland’s established train stations before the RWC.

But there will be no more new actual railway station revamps started before the event.

This includes for Remuera, around where there are numerous motels where visitors may be staying – and Mt Albert station, which is only two stops away from Morningside and three from Kingsland, where, of course,  Eden Park is situated.

Mt Albert is in major need of a revamp.

Mt Albert is how everything used to look

The good news is that Ontrack is to do platform extensions within the next few months until about June or July so that the Mt Albert station can cater for six-car trains.

But upgrading and remodeling of the actual station has been virtually ruled out before the Rugby World Cup.

Auckland City Council is currently undertaking consultation towards development of a Precinct Plan for the locality.  In conjunction with that plan, ARTA says it will be working with Auckland City Council and the community to determine how best to upgrade the Mt Albert railway station in terms of its facilities and accesses to and from the station.

The time required to complete the plan and requirements for design and construction rules out anything happening by the time the RWC is on.

Doesn’t Mt Albert above resemble the type of old run-down station Morningside was before its revamp, which is now complete?

But a new station won't change the view from the platform seats

Remuera’s actual station building is a heritage site and occupied by a business owner who lives on the premises.

Remuera's actual station can't be messed with

The track was lowered around the bridge there at Christmas but the platform and seating is very basic.

Remuera's tracks were lowered at Christmas

There is still work to be done at Kingsland where platforms are being extended and an underpass was built.

Work began on extending Kingsland's platform but is unfinished

ARTA says the completion date for the Kingsland platform extensions is early July of this year.




  1. luke says:

    i heard that there was a plan for a revamped shopping centre with New North Rd access to the station. Anything will be better than the mess they have with MAG students pouring onto carrinton road to exit the station.

    However lets hope a final plan can include a nicer shopping area and intesified residential area. It does seem unlikely that the businesses will allow this to happen considering their closure for the duration of construction though.

  2. Joshua says:

    I think it’s fine for the RWC, look at Melbourne’s train system, they don’t have the newest or most pleasent stations around but the train system is still successful, lets focus on getting the service right before the world cup then upgrade our stations.

    Mt Albert Station has the potential to become even more successful with a proper Precinct, so if it means dealing with the current set-up until the RWC, I think most would be satisfied.

  3. Matt L says:

    Mt Albert is definitely in need of a bit of upgrading love but it would be best to do it correctly and tie it into the area. I think it needs more than the standard platform design that stations like Morningside have.
    We should take advantage of the fact it is at a lower level from the shops and build a roof over the entire thing up to the level of New North and Carrington Rd’s. On top of that a nice station building can be built along with shops and a public area. As the platform would be coved by then wouldn’t need any station shelters but just seating upgrades etc.

  4. James Pole says:

    Agree with Joshua that it’s more important to focus on the service itself.

  5. Mike says:

    And then there’s Greenlane rail station with the 144 room Novotel Hotel 2 minutes walk away. This station is in desperate need of some beautification such as planting out the bank next to the station and maybe some sound barriers from the noise of the motorway offramp next to the station.

  6. Jon C says:

    @Mike Good idea Mike, A much forgotten & neglected station. Sadly no chance of immediate change there.


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