Prince William To Inspect Eden Park’s South Stand - Latest Photos


Prince William will inspect Eden Park’s new South Stand this weekend. The stand is now dominating the stadium area as the finishing touches are put to the roof.

While the completion date was given as October, clearly the work is making very good progress and can now be seen towering above the stadium ground.

Work is also progressing on an eastern stand.




  1. Ian says:

    Silly bastards. Carlaw Park was the ideal place for a stadium. Little wonder that the most impressive things by far around Auckland are still the natural things such as the harbours, gulf, volcanic cones etc.

  2. Max Robitzsch says:

    Carlaw Park was too small, especially as I understand they were too late, and parts of the site had already been sold off.

    BTW, I find it hilarious that Prince William is going to “inspect” the construction site.

    “Mmmh, yes gents, I think this concrete here is a bit badly mixed. Do that one over, willya?”


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