Kingsland Train Station Upgrade - Bird’s Eye View


It’s hard to get a perspective of the extent and complexity of the work being done at the Kingsland train station to cater for the RWC fans when they arrived - when the work is viewed at ground level, even close up.

So let’s grab an aerial view.
Here are photos of how Kingsland’s platform extensions and underpass developments look from high up:




  1. Carl says:

    I didn’t realise so much work was being done. The grand re-opening of the last “finished” redevelopment wasn’t that long ago. Shame that we need the RWC to kick things into gear.

  2. rtc says:

    It’s a pretty slow gear they’ve been kicked into, the only PT improvements we’re seeing specifically for the RWC is this underpass and longer platforms at Kingslands…..

    In France entire tram systems were installed for ferrying fans around - we could do better….

  3. Joshua says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have enough money as we are investing in investigations for a hoilday road :) , But agreed, buses would be okay to serve the RWC, but we should of been able to get intergrated ticketing along with electrifying the train system and to me rail to the airport - even if ment it terminated at Newmarket for time being. Hopefully we can still get some sort of intergrated ticketing in place before the RWC and increase bus services/train services somehow. Great to see some progress however and also good to see Newmarket train station completed in time - I think Newmarket is going to be a huge destination for tourists during the RWC so having a major train station completed can only be encouraging.

  4. Matt L says:

    As a country we really dropped the ball by wasting time and accepting second, third and forth rate solutions. We should have built a stadium on the waterfront (not on the wharfs but on the land where foodtown is, Quay St should have be undergrounded under it) Eden park could then have been knocked down and either made in to a proper cricket ground or sold of to help pay for the costs of the new stadium

  5. rtc says:

    The stadium is one thing, but making no attempt to improve PT other than what was already happening is pretty pathetic, and instead using the RWC to accelerate unrelated roading projects is even worse. I think a lot of people will be pretty underwhelmed when they arrive at Auckland airport and find there’s only a single Airport bus and no other PT links to the city. Not a good first impression.

  6. Matt L says:

    @RTC I agree, if we had some smarter local politions we would have used the WRC to ensure a huge list of PT plans were built.

    As for the stadium it would have meant that this underpass wouldn’t be needed for one as well as things like moving the houses next to the station to create a 1 lane road could be avoided etc. All of this means the money could have gone to a PT project somewhere else in the city. As it is we will be left with a legacy of some infrastructure that won’t see a lot of use ofter the competition is over.

  7. Ian says:

    Just like Mat said. Eden park should never have been redeveloped as the rugby stadium. They should have demolished the all the stands apart from the ASB one and restablished a proper (full size)cricket ground with grass embankments. The world cup stadium should have been built at the Tank Farm where it would have formed a centre piece for the area and close to the Viaduct area. By including an athletics track would could aim to get the world athletics comp one day too. But now we have no hope. Like others have said we could then spend more money on developing PT projects that are really needed.


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