Newmarket’s New Station Opens Its Doors (Photos)


new welcomeNewmarket’s new train station is open until 4pm today for people to look inside.

Coming into the station from Remuera Rd

Coming into the station from Remuera Rd

There is a band, a couple of street performers, Maxx staff handing out timetables, free icecreams and Santa wandering around.

new holdhands

The station opens in a month on Jan 18.

new dogWhile the station looks like the son of Britomart, as I wrote again on Friday, I still hate the square and environment with the imposing faceless apartment blocks, the mall’s long dark areas where shops have yet to be leased and the total lack of living vegetation.

DARK: A very unappealing mall

DARK: A very unappealing mall

Sadly, it’s a place to walk through and exit from the station, not to sit around and enjoy on a summer’s day. But I promise not to keep raving on about it! Let’s just enjoy the fact we have at last a new station.

new upstairs




  1. Kelvin says:

    Wow, things are looking funky down there (I write from the UK). Nice indeed.


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