Upgrades to Auckland’s Rail Stations


This site has been recording the amazing progress of upgrading Auckland’s old rail stations as part of the growth of public transport patronage and the march to electrification of Auckland’s rail service which necessitates extensions to the platforms.

It’s incredible to see the changes that have taken place over the last four years- and you will find in the electric trains and train stations sections (see top navigation) photos going back showing improvements at stations like New Lynn, Baldwin Avenue and Newmarket.

Mt Albert is high on the list for the next set of improvements starting from December 2012.

You can read more on the Auckland Transport plans for the station here.

This site has long argued for an improvement to the station as it looks now (below).

Photos and commentary over the four eyars were the work of Jon C who has now moved to Brisbane and stopped blogging.

To continue to record the history, the odd photographic update will be added by volunteers.


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