Summer Rail, Road Closures


Here are the rail and motorway disruptions over this summer period.

Rail line closures

Christmas Day – Full network closure, no buses replacing trains.

Monday December 26 to Tuesday January 3 – Full network closure, buses replace all trains.

Wednesday 4 to Sunday January 15
– Newmarket to Britomart and Papakura to Britomart via Glen Innes.

Monday 16 to Wednesday January 18– Newmarket to Britomart. More details

ELLERSLIE: Work on station revamp to allow fourth motorway lane

Bus replacements– details on Maxx

Major Auckland road disruptions

Auckland Harbour Bridge (December 26- January 6): Both northbound clip-on lanes, Curran Street and Stafford Road ramps closed for resurfacing. Six of the bridge’s eight lanes remain open.

Victoria Park Tunnel (December 27): Temporary change to lane layout on the flyover from Tuesday until January 9.  Full and partial motorway closures are scheduled for a number of nights before 9 January to allow final surfacing. road marking and the installation of new signs.  These will affect both northbound and southbound traffic. Work will also take place on local roads including Victoria Street West, lower Franklin Road, Union Street and Beaumont Street.

Northwestern Motorway (SH16) closure for Lincoln Road Interchange (13-15 January): A 36 hour closure of a section of the Northwestern Motorway west of the causeway for the demolition of the Selwood Road Bridge. Drivers are urged to avoid the Northwestern and use SH1 and SH18 as alternative routes.

Out of Auckland road changes

SH2:  The speed restriction is reduced from 100km/h to 90km/h along the majority of the 32km stretch of highway between the SH1/2 interchange near Pokeno and the SH2/25 intersection near Mangatarata. Exceptions will be the 6.2km Mangatawhiri Deviation, which will remain at 100km/h, and 1.8km through the Maramarua township where there will be no change to the 70km/h speed limit.

SH25, Kopu Bridge:  Although the new two-lane Kopu Bridge is now open, other pinch points in the popular  Coromandel area, including single lane bridges and windy coastal roads, remain which may cause delays with the arrival of huge numbers of holidaymakers.

SH10 Bulls Gorge: 80kph and 50kph speed restrictions through the construction site.

Northern Gateway Toll Road Pay online



  1. Harry says:

    The 4th January is a Wednesday.

  2. AKT says:

    @Harry Thanks, appreciated. Corrected now

  3. Ben says:

    Yeeeeeehaaaaaw HOLIDAY TIME? No Britomart Control Room for 10 days :-)

    Merry Christmas Jon, wishing you all the best and will see you next year (once I do one final “stir up” in two threads I have been commenting in heavily ;-) )

    And to the rest of your regular commenters, Merry Christmas to you too, I shall be back next year with more of that liberterian stuff that everyone loves XD

  4. Erin Wi says:

    I miss the trains. It’s funny without the trains. Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year. From Erin Wi.

  5. Ben says:

    And from Wednesday the trains are back although at a limited capacity
    Western Line: Newmarket-Henderson/Swanson/Waitakere

    Rail buses everywhere else still.

    Might take a nosy around over the week and check out what they have done so far as I see Ellersile is basically done with the platform and track moved, now just waiting on the connection enchancements (the lifts) to be completed.

    And if I had one word of advice this would be it:
    If you are travelling by train tomorrow, extra patience would be needed and I would allow upwards of double the travel time (from normal) to get to your destination tomorrow.

    Hopefully it won’t happen but we might have some teething issues as the new signals and points are brought up, the DMUs might be needing a jump start after sitting idle over the Christmas/New Years, the rails need to be de-rusted and there might be some speed restrictions in place, and as we all know and hate – getting a bus and train to line up at the same stop is something out of Mission Impossible Ghost Recon so you can figure out that one there.

    But for now its time to work out what is for dinner tonight while the rail buses are running around


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