Merry Christmas!


Have a great Christmas Day!

My wish list to Santa is very small and reasonable in view of the economic times:

  • Full government funding of the City Rail Link
  • An Auckland airport rail service
  • Immediate implementation of full integrated ticketing
  • Bus & train real time information signs that actually work
  • A tunnel harbour crossing that allows for rail
  • Queen Street to be closed to traffic at all times
  • An Auckland Harbour Bridge cycleway
  • Adequate funding for much needed railway station upgrades
  • A government that accepts the wishes of Auckland Council’s project list

Santa better deliver!



  1. John Dalley says:


  2. Bryce says:

    +1 :-)
    Merry xmas

  3. Matt L says:

    Seems like a perfectly reasonable Christmas wish list :-)

  4. Gary Young says:

    Can’t personally argue with any of that.

    I would also ask Santa to cancel all future motorway extensions and widenings until or unless traffic volumes can be shown to be steadily increasing year on year.

  5. odaikorob says:

    Santa will deliver alright…but not until Xmas 2015.

  6. Matt says:

    I think all your Xmas elves were lined up against the wall and shot on November 26.

    I got what I wanted for Xmas from Santa, great tramping weather.

    The other stuff is the kind of stuff you’d wish a clued up government would deliver. With this lot, you’re dreaming.

    Len Brown for PM.

  7. Brent C says:

    Santa….please save the North Auckland and Gisborne Railway Lines.

    Oh and please can I have a cycleway to Wainui.

  8. Anthony says:

    Wishlist? I have the usual materialistic items tha is typical for an Otaku teenager. ^^;

    However, I remember that a few years ago at our motel (we own a motel in S. Canterbury) two Spanish ladies popped up on our doorsteps on Christmas Day (later found out they had a family dispute in Geraldine). They were in a mess because haven’t got much money on them, but they couldn’t go back to Chile for 2 weeks, so we decided to let them stay for free and feed them as well. In the end we became great friends even though we couldn’t communicate very well, we ended up taking them to Mt Cook, teach them how to cook Pavlova, having a BBQ and fishing.

    In the end we managed to get a friend who once taught Spanish in Montevideo and told us why they were stuck in such a situation.

  9. dylan says:

    Merry christmas everyone.

    Thank you for all your time and input into everything AKT.

    That’s what is on my wishlist too! Would like all three though, CBD, Airport and Albany rail.

  10. tbird says:

    A bit late in the day, but I’ve made it just in time..

    Merry Christmas all! Absolutely beautiful weather today in Wellington! Almost makes me want to move back!

    Hope everyone had a good time with family/friends/computer/bike! (Or whatever you got up to!)

    Thanks Jon C for an excellent blog with more analysis and insight that we’ve ever been used to in mainstream media. I remember finding this site when I was Googling why there were rail tracks being installed on Gaunt Street, I thought I’d struck gold when I read some of the interesting articles about the history of my newly adopted city.

    My girlfriend got me the History of Ponsonby/St Mary’s Bay book for Xmas. it’s still up in Auckland, so only had a quick flick through, but it looks pretty interesting even just looking at the old photos.

    Merry Christmas to the contributors here, because I guess posters are what keeps blogs going, and whenever there’s a point Jon’s not clear on there’ll be someone to provide the missing info.

    Hell, even Merry Christmas to the Occupy supporters! (I’ll think of some type of positive comment about them…) Umm… “Not everyone backs a winner”? I know: Thanks for your part in keeping life in the world interesting.

    Good night all! I hope everyone had a great day!

  11. Jon Reeves says:

    Merry Christmas to all AKTNZ readers and commentators. Also a big thanks to Jon C for his time and substantial efforts he puts into making this website so dam interesting.

    As I write this it is bright white outside the windows here in Southern Bavaria. My first white Xmas in 7 years. But, no matter about the snow, German railways still operate without a second thought, while cars and trucks slow down.

    I will be back in Feb 2012 for a couple of weeks to see progress on the AKL rail network, and meet with Hamilton and Waikato folk who have become very good friends since the Waikato Rail campaign started.

    Enjoy the summer down there, I´ll grab a slice of it in Feb.

    Jon R

  12. tbird says:

    One other thing about the being in the Hutt, we had a beautiful view of the Lovejoy comet last night. (Actually the whole southern night sky was perfect – looked as good as I’ve seen it on Pacific Islands.)

    I understand Auckland was too cloudy to see it. I hope you get the chance.


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