Mangere Station To Close


Mangere  Rail Station will close from December 9.

It is served by only four southbound AM peak trains each weekday during school term time to primarily serve King’s College students. It will do students good to have to walk a bit more!

Auckland Transport says  that the station would require significant upgrade works to continue to operate as the platform would need extending to accommodate 6-car trains and EMUs, AIFS fare payment devices and vending machines would need to be installed for HOP integrated ticketing and the shelter, CCTV and PA system would need upgrading to current standards.

AT says that based on the service provision the cost of lengthening and upgrading cannot be justified.  King‟s College students, the overwhelming majority of users of the station, can use Middlemore Station in the morning, which is a few hundred metres walk  – as they already do in the afternoons  – from the beginning of the 2012 school year.

AAT had consultation with King’s College and users at the station and says one piece of negative feedback was received.

The new February 2012 rail timetable is currently being finalised and approved by the joint KiwiRail, Veolia and AT transport committee. The timetable will include the Manukau Branch Line and improved Western Line frequency.



  1. Owen Thompson says:

    Fair enough. The rich pricks walk to Middlemore in the afternoon, so they can walk from there in the morning.

  2. ingolfson says:

    Showing a lot of grace and style there, Owen. Of course you would prefer that “rich prick” kids should be driven in SUV’s!

    [Note: I don't have anything against closing an underused station - just against Owen's casual insults to some kids who should not be judged by your opinions of their school]

  3. ingolfson says:

    “It will do students good to have to walk a bit more!”

    Yep, because that is how we encourage PT – sell any inconvenience as an asset.

  4. Owen Thompson says:

    Donkey’s son goes there. End of argument. The Mangere southbound station should have closed years ago when the northbound one did.

  5. Ian says:

    I thought the station had closed years ago. Kings pupils have always been users of rail and hopefully they will continue to do so.

  6. penfold says:

    I believe that the Kings College students are one of the reasons that Auckland’s commuter rail service never closed.

  7. pete says:

    This might not be a good line to take but I´d suggest to try and keep the comments positive. It just makes everyone round here look rude.

  8. Ben says:

    Agree with Pete and also no feeding the trolls.

    I agree Mangere should of been closed as the students can walk that little bit further and tbh imho the King Kids while noisy were often a pleasure to either take on the train or be a fellow passenger with them – this is compared to other schools which I shall not name.

    Only concern was the narrow footpath on the station side, could have a potential health and safety issue there when 150 kids literally pile through there in one go (the difference in the afternoon is its a steady stream rather than the one large pile up).

  9. Matt L says:

    Ben – I think I read somewhere that as a result of the feedback, AT are planning on improving footpath

  10. tbird says:

    Owen was obviously a Grammar boy.

  11. Bryan says:

    If the service scheduled to stop there happens to be a 6 car set, then it must proceed to Middlemore – for obvious safety reasons.

  12. DanC says:

    This station would never work as a bus / train interchange? (when integrated ticketing starts)

  13. Travis says:

    Take a hike Owen…. the students of King’s are loyal users of rail….

    as a recent graduate from Kings. I am an advocate for rail (even though I currently drive a truck for a living).

    as for rich pricks? you have no idea mate….I have a $100k student loan and work 60 hours a week to pay it off while I wait for an opening in my chosen career… Hardly what you would call rich….

  14. Jarrod says:

    @Owen… I shouldn’t even bother to comment but you are a loser. The country needs less people like you. Sad.

  15. Publius says:

    I thought Middlemore station was too small/crowded already?
    Whats wrong with having the occasional decrepit station open only for the few trains a day the kids do use? Heck call it “Kings College Station” and mark it as if it was a private station so the general public don’t use it.

  16. Owen Thompson says:

    Tbird, I went to a public school.

    Travis, a $100K student loan to become a truck driver seems excessive. Bet your parents are proud of you. I became a truck driver for about $1 000.

    Jarrod, did you mean “The country needs fewer people like you.”?

  17. Jon C says:

    Guys, only one rule around here. Disagree but play nice.
    Name calling results in me playing schoolteacher.

  18. Wasp says:

    Cannot blame the council on this one.

    Extensions and modernising would have cost the usual eye watering/take the rate payers for bunch of suckers, amount.

  19. Anthony says:

    I think some are forgetting that the reason why we are modernising the stations is to attract people to Public transport as well as making it more functional for the newer longer trains.

  20. Jarrod says:

    @Owen. Yep! I went to a public school too.

  21. Matthew Flower says:

    Just saying, if the students are going to take the train anyway – what difference does it make if the train station is crap. Heck, they could even find a one car train from somewhere and run a shuttle ;)


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