Tiger Woods, Toyota, Phil Heatley, Telecom, Now KiwiRail Apologies To Wellington


Toyota…Tiger Woods.. Phil Heatley .. Telecom.. . is there no end to the tears and apologies this week?

Now KiwiRail’s Ceo has made an apology to Wellington rail passengers for the way they were treated last week – when some had to get out of their stalled trains and walk for 40 minutes along the tracks to get to the capital’s CBD.

As a make good, travel is free today on TranzMetro and Capital Connection trains, there’s a 5% discount off monthly and quarterly passes and a %5 refund if you already have such a pass. KiwiRail will also front up soon with ways to improve the service.

Veolia /Maxx, please take note of the compensation. We may be queuing up again for similiar if these signal outages and delays continue in Auckland!

WAITING: Wellington commuters had a rough week. We know the feeling

Now to the apology from KiwiRail CEO Jim Quinn, after the company had  looked at what happened on Monday and Tuesday of last week when services were disrupted and the effect it had on our passengers.

“We recognise that we didn’t make the best decisions when problems occurred to either get people moving again or get them off the trains and onto alternative transport.

“On both days we also didn’t do a good enough job of telling our staff on the trains what was happening. That made it difficult for them to keep passengers informed.

“We fell short of providing the standard of service passengers have a right to expect.

“On behalf of all KiwiRail staff, I apologise, but as a company we recognise we owe our passengers more than that.

“We recognise that this may not be the perfect solution for those who had to put up with service that falls well short of what they should expect. But we ask our passengers to accept it as a gesture of good faith.

“As we continue to rebuild the network, it’s impossible to rule out disruptions in the future. That’s the reality of working on the network at night and during the weekends and the tight squeeze that occurs to get normal train services running again the next day.

“But when problems occur, we are committed to doing better at looking after passengers, keeping them informed and getting them moving again.”

EARLIER: Should there be compensation?




  1. Matt L says:

    Auckland seems to have been suffering many more issues and for a longer time frame but there has never once been talk of compensation.

    To make up for it I think all trains should be free for a week in Auckland after the western line is finished and the timetables are sorted. It would reward existing users who have suffered through the upgrades and also encourage new users to try the service with a good chance of keeping a few of them using it after they find out how convenient it can be when it works.

  2. curtissd says:

    Matt L, great idea, this would also get some private car users out of their cars and onto rail and they might find it easier and stay with rail. make sure that it is smooth running for that week though!

  3. Brent C says:

    I believe that the free day should have been used to celebrate the arrival of the new trains and completion of line/track work in the middle of the year

  4. Anne says:

    Another great suggestion from Matt L. You should apply for an ATA position…

  5. Paul says:

    A free period is a great way to test the new service and get new users on board


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